Laurel Harple
Tabor Academy
Teacher- Ms. Hurlbut
English Assignment- "Memoirs"
March, 2005

Interviews about Dan Harple & Music

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Topic Summary
Grandma & Grandpa Harple
3/28/05, 8:14
Younger years
Grandma & Grandpa Harple
3/28/05, 5:11
Early Lessons
Caren Harple
3/28/05, 6:37
Play Friends with Todd Rundgren, David Wilcox
Bruce Hathaway
3/28/05, 1:52
Play 1st memories, High school, great stereo system, largest album collection, 16 year old jazz fanatic..
Bruce Hathaway
3/28/05, 3:35
Play Jazz DJ Job in Vermont, Styles on guitar
Bruce Hathaway
3/28/05, 4:41
Play Psychedelic Guitar Rig, "Over the Rainbow"
Bruce Hathaway
3/28/05, 7:24
Play College bands, "Harpo's Jazz Club" in Newport gig
Bruce Hathaway
3/28/05, 5:41
Play Impact of Frank Zappa, "Uncle Remus"
Curt Worden & Charlie Rocket
3/28/05, 9:56
Play Music as an outlet and release, being in bands...
Dan Harple
3/26/05, 1:04:03
Play Earliest memories, Drive back in the car from Stowe, Vermont

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